Quality Assurance

Quality always comes first, with our quality control system, every part we made meets our customer’s expectation.

Manufacturing Standards

CNC Machining Standards

We provide CNC milling (3-, 4, & full 5-axis ), turning and wide range of suaface finishing service for the diverse manufacturing requirements. Our general tolerances are ±0.125mm (±0.005″) unless otherwise specified. We’re able to achieve tighter tolerances up to ±0.02mm (±0.001″) per your request.

Part size Tolerance Angularity
< 300 mm (12″) ± 0.125 mm (± 0.005″) ± 0.5°
< 600 mm (24″) ± 0.250 mm (± 0.010″) ± 1.0°
< 900 mm (36″)(12″) ± 0.400 mm (± 1/64″) ± 1.0°
< 1500 mm (60″) ± 0.8 mm (± 1/32″) ± 1.0°
> 1500 mm (60″) ± 1.6 mm (± 1/16″) ± 1.0°

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Sheet Metal Fabrication Standards

 We offer fast and cost-effective sheet metal fabrication service for your projects. Including bending, punching and laser cutting for both prototype and full-scale production runs.

Forming and bending +/- 0.020”
Bend to hole or feature +/- 0.010”
Linear dimensions excluding locations to bends +/- 0.005”
Diameters with inserts +0.003/-0
Angularity +/- 2 degrees
Surface roughness (blank material) Ra 125 uin max
Surface roughness (timesave) Ra 100 uin max

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Injection Molding Standards

 Whether you need rapid tooling, full-scale production mold making or end-use plastic molding with tight tolerances and high quality, our experienced engineering team can provide valuable suggestions from prototype to production stage.

Part size (mm) Precision Tolerance Ordinary Mold Tolerance
1~22 ±0.06~0.09 ±0.08~0.13
22~70 ±0.11~0.17 ±0.14~0.24
70~160 ±0.20~0.29 ±0.30~0.43
160~250 ±0.36~0.44 ±0.51~0.68
250~315 ±0.44~0.55 ±0.68~0.85
315~500 ±0.70~0.90 ±1.08~1.38
500~1000 ±1.20~1.90 ±1.83~2.90
1000~1400 ±2.30~2.65 ±3.50~4.05
1400~2000 ±3.05~3.80 ±4.65~5.80

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Proto Expedited Quality Control System

We strictly implement ISO quality standards as well as our quality control system to ensure every part we made meets our customer’s expectation.

Pre-Production Quality Control


Technical support

Before we start to produce your parts, Proto Expedited engineering team will double check and confirm with our customer on the material, finishing and other details of your CAD files and technical drawings. In this way, we can prevent as many possible mistakes and unachievable requirements as we can before produce your parts.

Material verification

We can provide material certifications of the material we use per our customer’s request. The certification comes from our reliable raw material supplier and usually includes: material grade, mechanical properties and chemical analysis, etc.

During Production Quality Control


On-site inspection system

The most important thing in precision machining is the material blocks stay exactly where they are. With our on-site inspection system, the machines automatically examine and adjust the positions. This could avoid the potential issues at the very beginning, also help save money and time.

In-process quality control

We strictly implement ISO quality standards as well as our quality control system. Our machinist conducts routine inspections for all parts that are being produced every 2 hours.

First article inspection

We offer First article inspection for injection molding orders, as well as for CNC machining per our customer’s request so that you can sleep tight before the production runs. We will inspect and test the sample part, then provide inspection report with details. We can ship the sample part to you for your verification if necessary.

Final Shipping Checkup


Full dimensional inspection report

We provide full dimensional report per our customer’s request. The report usually includes: critical dimensions, threads and tolerances, thicknesses, depths and part appearance, etc.


We do our best to lower the risks during shipping. Using 4 layers of protection are applied on the package: 1. Wrapping paper 2. EPE 3. Foam 4. Carton/Plywood Case. We make sure you’re happy when you received the quality parts from Proto Expedited.

Why Proto Expedited

Our manufacturing process ensures that each and every one of our customers is happy while working with us. We’ve got your back from prototype to production stage.

What makes us different

Proto Expedited is an experienced and professional manufacturer, built under the mission of “make high quality custom parts for enginners and designers world wide,” along with a dedicated team with the cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure every single project runs smoothly.


  • Quantity parts
  • Fast turnaround
  • Professional solution
  • Project management
  • Cost-effective